Victoria Sercret Secret reward cards:

Thanks to the Krazycoupon lady I sent away for Victoria secret rewards cards during the promotion time period back in March. The detailed post is here.

Essentially with no purchase necessary I sent out five envelopes to the stated address with a return address inside with my address on it. I did this five times. You could have submitted one per day for the entire promotion period but since it was my first time trying this out I only did 5. After a couple of weeks I received my self-addressed envelopes back in the mail with 5 secret rewards cards.

I also only did five submissions because I read online you can only use one card per transaction. I figured most cards were going to be $10 and since there are very few items at VS for $10 this would end up costing me money to use the reward cards. Well I did receive five secret rewards cards back (4 in the mail and then one randomly in my email which I provided on the information card). They were all for $10. Well luckily when I went to my local VS I was allowed to use 3 cards per transaction which was great. So I ended up using $30 worth of rewards in one transaction and then $20 in another. I only ended up going over in one transaction by like $2 so I considered this a great success and I can’t wait to try this no purchase necessary mail in promotion another time!

Savings: This cost me about $5 in stamps and I received $50 in free merchandise, 90% savings!




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