Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving pictures and savings!!

018B-1 Thanksgiving 018C Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving outfit details: Blazer is from Forever21, Dress is from Charming Charlie and Boots are newly purchased from Charlotte Russe.

Nails I painted myself with Sally Hansen miracle gel polish in the color Creme de la Creme and glued on nail jewels I had purchased on Amazon.

My cousin and I designed a bar sign with the drinks we would be serving. The sign is a black poster board and we used white marker to draw on. I then designed the drink pictures using She added velcro to the back of the drink pictures so we could remove them next time we use the sign and switch to different pictures.

The three drinks we served were Dark n Stormy, Caramel Apple Martini and Pumpkin Martini

018D Thanksgiving

After I purchased the alcohol I checked out BevRage and ibotta cash back apps and saved $6 total because there were rebates on the Vodka and Rum I used!! All I had to do is sign into the apps and upload my receipt!

018E Thanksgiving

Holidays are a big time for the purchase of alcohol. Not only are drinks usually served at Holiday parties but they are also given as gifts. Make sure to check out these apps over the holiday seasons to save on liquor, wine and beer purchases!!






Battle of the Pumpkin coffee

pumpkin coffee 2

Pumpkin coffee is my obsession this time of year. The best pumpkin coffee I have had is from Dunkin Donuts. But I’m not paying over $2 for a cup a coffee everyday. Instead I save money by purchasing various pumpkin flavored coffees for my Keurig machine.

To me pumpkin coffee tastes delicious on its own but I know Dunkin adds a syrup flavor to make theirs taste sweeter. I did buy a pumpkin spice coffee syrup from Target as well, for people who like their coffee sweeter, this works and  a little goes a long way.

Pumpkin coffee

I would say my favorite non Dunkin pumpkin coffee is Pumpkin Spice from Green Mountain but its fun to find and try pumpkin flavors from new brands!

pumpkin coffee