Fall Handbag Collection

fall handbags 2

I have some amazing fall colored handbags to rotate through the next couple of months!

3 fall handbags

All three of these handbags were less than $30 each, the green bag was less than $15! I purchased all three of them at various times from Charming Charlie. None of them are from this season so I doubt they’re still available, but Charming always has new handbags for every season of the year and such an awesome color selection!

IMG_1186 IMG_1188 IMG_1190

If I were looking for another fall handbag I’ve already noticed a few from this season that I would love to grab.

A plaid tote would look great with my collection. Leopard is also another weakness! Or even this dark wine colored purse! Charming charlies always has something I would love in their store! If you sign up to be a rewards member then you receive promotional coupons in the mail via email that you can use for additional savings on already cheap prices!

fall handbags

I absolutely love this store: see additional posts I’ve done on savings below!

Fall Boots Sale

Retail round up: Charming Charlie, New York & Company, Old Navy, GAP

Charming Charlie Spring Haul


Cheaper Alternative ~ makeup brushes

I’ve been watching Youtube videos on like for years to get tips and tricks for applying makeup. Let me tell you every Youtuber I’ve watched uses such expensive makeup brushes! And they make you think that without these expensive brushes your makeup will not apply well. I have been using Sedona lace brushes for years but recently the foundation brush has been shedding so much that I knew it was time to replace it. Instead of going out and purchasing a $25-$40 brush I went to local TJ Maxx and Ocean state Job lot in search of some cheaper alternatives and I’m so glad I did!

At TJ Maxx I found this ibeauty brush for $7.99. It looks very similar to a Artis makeup brush that retails for over $50 for one brush. I thought for sure at the cheaper price it would feel harsh on my skin (it was in packaging so I could feel it before I purchased). I was wrong! This is so smooth to the touch! I’ve used it to apply foundation several times and it works like a dream.  I’ve never heard of this brand before but I am very happy with this purchase!!

ibeauty foundation brush


I couldn’t help but grab  a makeup palltete as well from BH Cosmetics for just $9.99. The powders are going to be for highlighting, contouring and blushes. Great price for 3 different jobs. I’ve tried these and really like how they apply and wear on my skin.

Makeup pallette

At Ocean State I picked up a package of 4 brushes for just $6.99. The packing didn’t have a brand on it really but they work well for foundation and concealer application and they were less than $2 a piece.

makeup brushes

I’m really glad I tried I all of these cheaper alternatives. I know sometimes prices are lower because the quality of the product is lower, but I lucked out and found some great items and saved loads by not buying the higher end products.

makeup brushes


Bath and Body Works Candle Haul

BBW pinterest

Another fabulous Bath and Body Works haul! So this past weekend for one day only the 3 wick candles were 10 dollars off. Regular price they are $22.50, with 10 dollars off that makes the sale price $12.50, this is still pricey to me. However if you are an email subscriber you all received a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase that you could combine with sales items. This took an additional $2.50 off each candle. Making my checkout total $10.00. In addition I brought to the store my discounted giftcard that I had purchased here and received another 22% off my purchase.

BBW candles

Total savings: $22.50 ea. to $7.80; savings of 65%!!

This deal was good for online as well, so if you couldn’t make it to the store you could buy on BBW website. Make sure to check cash back deals before you make your purchase because you can save additional money without any coupons.

I stock up on BBW candles a few times a year when the price drops, check out my savings earlier this year:

Bath and Body Works Savings


Outlet Savings – Kate Spade

I did some outlet shopping a few weekends back and found some awesome deals!

By the far the best deal I think was at Kate Spade. I am a handbag junkie and walked away with two new bags because the deal was too good to resist. The deal was 60% off all handbags and then another 20% off of the lower reduced priced.


The pink bag was originally $198, and I purchased it for only $63!! The bigger black shoulder bag was originally $228 and I purchased it for $73.

IMG_0956Regular price these two bags would have totaled $426, but I paid $136, total 68% saved!!!

If you don’t have a Kate Spade outlet near you check out the sales section of the website, they have some great mark downs. And before you purchase make sure to also check out cash back savings and discounted giftcards to add some additional savings!!!