DIY Book Holders

Two things I really enjoy are reading and coffee.

I have a bookshelf in my living room that I’ve always wanted to make look more decorative but never wanted to spend money on expensive book holders sold at retail stores.

DIY bookholders

Keurig machines are extremely popular and therefore people are constantly buying K-cups to use with their single serving brewers. Empty k-cup boxes are mostly thrown away or hopefully recycled. One day I came up with the idea to use the empty k-cup boxes from the coffee I love to drink to decorate my bookshelf with the books I love to read. I shopped around for a bit to find a decorative paper to use that would cover up the coffee words and would also match my home décor. I found what I was looking for at Michael’s but I’m sure other crafts stores with carry similar items.

I love that I was able to find such a good use for a commonly discarded item. So here’s my DIY for book holders for your bookshelves using empty K-cup boxes!

coffee box

DIY book holder







Please enjoy the short video!