HALLOWEEN DIY ~ snapchat filter

Halloween DIY costume snapchat filterI have been seeing quite a few snapchat filter makeup tutorials online recently and it gave me the idea that it would make a great Halloween costume! I decided to try to craft the flower and butterfly filters. So off I went to Michaels craft store for some supplies.

All I needed was some flowers (tried to pick out ones similar to what you would see on the filter), butterflies, twigs and spray paint.

michaels craft supplies

First I spray painted the butterflies to give them the most time to dry.

spray painted butterflies

Then i bent the twigs into the shape of my head. Took two twigs for each head piece.

head piece

Then i added flowers to two of the head bands.

Finally I twisted on the butterflies to the 3rd headpiece

These were the final products and I’m really excited about how they turned out!!

IMG_1180 IMG_1179

In total I spent $34 but I have a ton of spray paint left over and I made three head bands not just one!