January Savings

So far this month I’ve been trying to be good and not spend much since the bills from the holiday shopping will be rolling in. But I I did purchase some items and wanted to share my savings so far this month.

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Dunkin Donuts App and DD perks

I think it was last fall that I signed up for the Dunkin Donuts perks rewards and downloaded their app onto my smartphone. The app works well although I’ve experienced some functionality issues. However overall I do like how easy it is to reload, put money on, track your rewards and track coupons that are offered. When I first signed up I received a digital coupon in the app for a free any size beverage.  There was also some sort of football promotion going on that I got a free coffee when the football team in my region won a game. Other times that you can receive a free any size beverage is on your birthday or whenever you reach 200 points.

The coupon deals within the app seem to update and change once a month. So for instance a ‘purchase a muffin for $1 off’ coupon will last the entire month of May. Or 2x reward points on sandwich purchases will be good for every sandwich purchased within a few weeks time period. Really good coupons that you should check the app frequently. Recently there was a get any size hot or iced beverage for $1.99 (for this coupon and the free drink ones I always treat myself to the drinks that would normally be like $4).


Other benefits of using the app: You can pay with your smartphone, load giftcard balances to consolidate

Savings: vary by promotion, but in the short time I’ve signed up for DD perks I’ve already received 3 free beverages (regular price $2- $4 each)


Keihl’s Freebies


I’ve been spending more money on good quality skincare lately because I’ve noticed what a difference it makes in my skin. I’ve been using different product lines and trying things out each product line for 8 weeks then rotating to another line. Keihl’s is one company I have not tried their skincare products yet. Their products are more on the expensive side so I thought it would be a good idea to try some samples out before buying full size products.


Here’s how I saved. I kept my purchase through their website closest to the minimum amount of $65, which gets you free shipping plus a handful of free samples. The items I purchased were a trio of face masks for $46 and an eye cream for $22.50. This brought my total over to a little over the $65 for free shipping. Keihl’s typically will offer 3 free samples with your purchase over a certain dollar amount. Well on top of that I used a promo code to receive 5 free deluxe in addition to the regular 3 samples. So in total I received 8 samples with my purchase of three face masks and an eye cream!


This wasn’t an outright savings but I get to sample eight different products before I make a decision on which one or ones are worth spending money on.