DIY Wine basket

029-3 wine basketWine baskets make a great Christmas gift but they can be pricey so I decided to make my own wine basket this year to save money!

First I bought a holiday box to put the wine and treats in (mine was $5 from Ocean State). Then I bought a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine. You can check the app BevRage & Ibotta for cashback rebates. I’ve used both and save $6 on Thanksgiving cocktails. (Referral code for BevRage: ZCREWEHZ and for ibotta: xbwuvfs)

029-2 wine basket

Then I went shopping for anything that pairs well with wine…cheese, crackers, cookies, chocolate, nuts etc. I found most of the treats for my wine basket/box at Ocean State Job lot (make sure to remove price tags). The olive oil and nuts were $3.49 and everything else was less than $3.

029-1 wine basket

I’m going to add the cheese and jar of olives later on but here’s what it looks like so far! You can add wine coasters, wine charms, or wine glasses. Whatever makes sense to you. I found a cute wine bell from Charming Charlie of all places that I will be including in this basket/box.

I’ll wrap in cellophane later too, which I got a roll from the dollar store for $1. Wine baskets this size would cost well over $100, but mine cost less than $50 with the wine included!

Savings: 50%


Fall in Love with Fall

Here are some fashion & beauty pics inspired by fall…..

Fur coat

I just purchased this beautiful coat from Forever21…I paid full price ($60) because I know it won’t last until a sale…it’s too pretty and they only had one left in the store in my size! Can’t wait to wear it!!

Fall scarves

These are my favorite fall scarves…the first two a purchased from Charming Charlie and the 3rd I made my self. See DIY blanket scarf post here.

Fall nails

Some of my favorite fall nail polish colors! I’ve collected these colors over the years..the brands range from Marc Jacobs to Ulta.

Fall makeup

Some makeup lip colors I’ve been loving…the especially love the Milani cosmetics metallic lipsticks.

019A Makeup fall

More makeup I’ve been loving for fall

Turquoise handbag

This is a turquoise handbag I purchased on sale from Charming Charlie and I added a fall colored scarf for a dressier touch.

020 Kate spade

Kate Spade tote with my plaid scarf



DIY Blanket Scarf

blanket scarf DIYScarves are by far one of my favorite accessories especially in fall, but they can be pricey…some going for over $30 apiece.

I’ve been seeing really pretty pictures on Pinterest of blankets scarves but there was a certain plaid pattern I was searching. As luck with have it, on a trip to Jo-anne fabric one afternoon I saw the pattern I wanted! They had quite a selection of plaid fabrics. I love the green with red and blue.


jo-ann fabric

I waited a few weeks for the plaid fabrics to be marked down 40% and then I used a 20% off your purchase coupon.

Regular price the fabric was $9.99 per yard. I purchased roughly 1 1/3 yards. So it would have cost about $13. With the 40% off I got the fabric for $5.99/yard and an additional 20% or $1.50 of so my final price was roughly $6.20 before taxes.

blanket scarf

The 1 1/3 yards makes the fabric square in shape, so I basically just fold it up how I like and there is my blanket scarf. No sewing required.

blanket scarf 2

A $6 blanket scarf!

If you personally would like to add fringe edges there is a how to tutorial here from jo-ann’s website.



HALLOWEEN DIY ~ snapchat filter

Halloween DIY costume snapchat filterI have been seeing quite a few snapchat filter makeup tutorials online recently and it gave me the idea that it would make a great Halloween costume! I decided to try to craft the flower and butterfly filters. So off I went to Michaels craft store for some supplies.

All I needed was some flowers (tried to pick out ones similar to what you would see on the filter), butterflies, twigs and spray paint.

michaels craft supplies

First I spray painted the butterflies to give them the most time to dry.

spray painted butterflies

Then i bent the twigs into the shape of my head. Took two twigs for each head piece.

head piece

Then i added flowers to two of the head bands.

Finally I twisted on the butterflies to the 3rd headpiece

These were the final products and I’m really excited about how they turned out!!

IMG_1180 IMG_1179

In total I spent $34 but I have a ton of spray paint left over and I made three head bands not just one!


Nails done!

I love saving time and money each week by painting my own nails rather than going to a salon.











This weeks color is by essie ‘Sand Tropez‘ and on top I used the Orly matte top coat. Love the way it came out!! the matte top coat is perfect for this fall weather

sand tropez essie nails