Battle of the Gel Nail Polish

Gel nails is somewhat of a newer trend going around. Companies are creating  a cheaper version of salon gel nails so that savvy savers out there who do their own nails can look like they have professionally done nails. So far I have tried two gel polishes; one from Wet n wild, “WNW”,  and one from Sally Hansen, “SH”.

Wet n wild gel nail polish

I think that SH has experience with nail polishes, it’s their specialty so the quality is not surprisingly better. Both polishes go on smoothly and resist chipping longer than most regular polishes. I would say SH polishes are more opaque than the WNW. I probably should have used 3 coats for WNW where with SH I could probably get away with just one.

Sally Hansen gel nail polish

Just looking at retail price, in most drugstores near me SH’s is sold for $9.99 vs  WTN at $4.99 dollar polish. But I’ve purchased 2 of the SH products so far, both from CVS and I did not pay full price. See my earlier blog post here on how to save money on this purchase.


Overall I like them both I just prefer the color selection and density of Sally Hansen a bit more than Wet N Wild.

gel nail polsh


CVS savings

CVS SavingsI used to think that shopping at CVS didn’t make any sense because everything regularly priced was expensive compared to other stores (i.e. Target and Walmart). However recently I’ve figured out the best way to save is to use store coupons ($5 off $20 purchase) combined with sales and manufacturer coupons.

Now I plan my trips to CVS when I have all three of these things to combine together and I end up saving a lot of money.

 CVS PicMonkey Collage2

Please watch the short video below to see how I saved two weeks in a row at CVS,

up to 92% savings!!


And here is an older video  with just as good savings:



Nip + Fab Savings

Nip + Fab is not only an intriguing name for a line of skincare but the product descriptions themselves are catching, like bee sting and dragon blood. I’ve wanted to give this skincare a try for a while but was waiting for a good sale opportunity.

Nip + Fab gylcolic pads

Nip + Fab serums

Click the video below to see price comparisons between stores and final savings of 40%!


Nail polish ~ savings

Sally gel 2

I love having my nails painted but I am not a fan of paying $40 every two weeks to get them done at the salon. So I buy nail polish and paint my own nails each week. I don’t have any particular brand that I swear by. I’ll try any brand where there is a color that catches my eye.

Sally Hansen gel nail polish was a line I’ve really have been wanting to try. I love the finished look of nails done at the salon but like I said don’t want to pay the price. I was super excited when I saw there was a $3 off manufacturer coupon for this polish online! Great time to try something new when there’s a high value coupon.

sally gel 1

I’ve been wearing the polish for two days and I love the finished look.  The color pops and it really does look like a gel finish, without any top coat. It’s only been two days but the nail polish hasn’t chipped which is promising. Some nail polishes I have have chipped just hours after applying it.

Savings: Purchased at CVS Reg. price $9.99, minus $3 for MFR coupon plus I used $3 in ECB bringing my cost to $3.99 + I earned $5 in ECB (CVS promo: buy a Sally Hansen product at CVS you earn $5 ECB for your next purchase, limit of three). I probably will go back use another coupon plus the $5 ECB to get another color for an out of pocket cost of $1.99 after coupon and ECB. That would be an 80% savings!!