Battle of the Gel Nail Polish

Gel nails is somewhat of a newer trend going around. Companies are creating  a cheaper version of salon gel nails so that savvy savers out there who do their own nails can look like they have professionally done nails. So far I have tried two gel polishes; one from Wet n wild, “WNW”,  and one from Sally Hansen, “SH”.

Wet n wild gel nail polish

I think that SH has experience with nail polishes, it’s their specialty so the quality is not surprisingly better. Both polishes go on smoothly and resist chipping longer than most regular polishes. I would say SH polishes are more opaque than the WNW. I probably should have used 3 coats for WNW where with SH I could probably get away with just one.

Sally Hansen gel nail polish

Just looking at retail price, in most drugstores near me SH’s is sold for $9.99 vs  WTN at $4.99 dollar polish. But I’ve purchased 2 of the SH products so far, both from CVS and I did not pay full price. See my earlier blog post here on how to save money on this purchase.


Overall I like them both I just prefer the color selection and density of Sally Hansen a bit more than Wet N Wild.

gel nail polsh


Weekly round up 10.24

Meal prep 2

At the beginning of each week I like to get prepared and meal prep some lunch, dinner and snack ideas for the week.

This week was pretty quick meal prep, but here is what is on the menu:

B- smoothie w/ protein powder

S-almond flour strawberry shortcake muffin

L-protein pasta with turkey meatballs and side salad

S-yogurt with nuts mixed in

D-bean burrito with cheese and Greek yogurt (great sour cream substitute)

I also love painting my nails a new color at the beginning of each week! This color is from Ulta’s brand of nail polish…Love the it


Also last week I finished up a really good audio book that I listen to in my car on the way to / from work. I listen via a free audio service offered through my local library. I love that libraries are offering more digital services these days so I can listen  or read books right from my cell phone! This service is called Hoopla, and there is a good selection of ebooks and audiobooks available.

This book was called “People over profits” by Dale Patridge . You can read reviews on Amazon here.

It was a really good book, definitely recommend a read / listen.



Another week, and another nail job done! This nail polish is from Marc Jacobs, which was kind of a splurge item for the initial price ($18). But I will be wearing this polish more than once and that alone saves me money by not getting my nails done at a salon.

Marc Jacobs: Warm Blue:

turquoise nails

You can find this product at sephora, if you want to save money purchasing and you are a sephora VIB member then wait until their November VIB event and save 20% !

Also purchase a discounted giftcard ahead of time to save more! And check cash back websites for additional savings!!


Cheaper Alternative ~ makeup brushes

I’ve been watching Youtube videos on like for years to get tips and tricks for applying makeup. Let me tell you every Youtuber I’ve watched uses such expensive makeup brushes! And they make you think that without these expensive brushes your makeup will not apply well. I have been using Sedona lace brushes for years but recently the foundation brush has been shedding so much that I knew it was time to replace it. Instead of going out and purchasing a $25-$40 brush I went to local TJ Maxx and Ocean state Job lot in search of some cheaper alternatives and I’m so glad I did!

At TJ Maxx I found this ibeauty brush for $7.99. It looks very similar to a Artis makeup brush that retails for over $50 for one brush. I thought for sure at the cheaper price it would feel harsh on my skin (it was in packaging so I could feel it before I purchased). I was wrong! This is so smooth to the touch! I’ve used it to apply foundation several times and it works like a dream.  I’ve never heard of this brand before but I am very happy with this purchase!!

ibeauty foundation brush


I couldn’t help but grab  a makeup palltete as well from BH Cosmetics for just $9.99. The powders are going to be for highlighting, contouring and blushes. Great price for 3 different jobs. I’ve tried these and really like how they apply and wear on my skin.

Makeup pallette

At Ocean State I picked up a package of 4 brushes for just $6.99. The packing didn’t have a brand on it really but they work well for foundation and concealer application and they were less than $2 a piece.

makeup brushes

I’m really glad I tried I all of these cheaper alternatives. I know sometimes prices are lower because the quality of the product is lower, but I lucked out and found some great items and saved loads by not buying the higher end products.

makeup brushes


Nivea Men’s Post Shave Palm ~ makeup primer

Nivea Men post shave balm

The Nivea Men post shave balm has been a highly talked about product on Youtube over the past several months. I was interested when I first heard this aftershave product worked as a makeup primer but didn’t run out and purchase it right away. When I received a manufacturer coupon in the mail for $2 off a Nivea men’s product I decided it would be a great time to try it out.

This does work to keep my makeup on throughout the day. It’s a very lightweight texture and goes on like a thin moisturizer, not like a silicone primer. A little bit goes a long way so I imagine this product will last several months before the bottle runs out and for only $3, WOW totally worth it. I have oily acne prone skin and this does not irritate my skin or make me break out.