Savvy Fitness 6.26.17 Journal

Savvy Fitness 6.26.17 Documenting My Health and Fitness Journey

I want to start sharing my health and fitness journey here on my blog! These weekly posts will contain my meal plan for the week as well as the prior weeks workouts completed. My goals are to eat “cleaner” and workout more consistently. I also want to start working out with weights to build muscle. I want to be build long term health and fitness habits that are sustainable. I’m hoping that by posting every week it will not only help me document my process and progress but also help to keep me motivated!!

Yesterday I did a quick meal plan for this week and then did some grocery shopping. Here are my planned meals for the work week:

Breakfast: Garden Lites Banana chocolate chip muffins with zucchini. I purchased these at Costco a few weeks ago, they are frozen so I take them out as needed.

Lunch: One pan Mexican Quinoa, adopted from this recipe that I found off Pinterest. I wanted to use some veggies that I had on hand so I will add those in as I prepare my lunch each day this week.

Dinner: ChickenĀ  / Edamame salad with corn chips. Again I wanted to use up the rest of the chicken I had prepared and once I use that I will just add edamame to the salad for a good protein source.

Snacks (optional if I am hungry): apple with walnuts andĀ  / or Chobani Greek yogurt with almond butter

This week my meal prep time was a bit shorter because the muffins I bought pre made and the salad I’ll put together each night. The quinoa was the only meal I had to make ahead of time. I like this recipe because it only required one pan so clean up was much quicker too!

I did not work out last week but I’m aiming for 5-6 workouts this week! Check back next week for my workouts completed.

I will be taking my measurements as the weeks progress but I am not going to weigh myself as I know that muscle weighs more than fat and since one of my goals it to build more muscle I don’t think it’ll be helpful to weigh myself. I will also be taking before and after photos which I will share on my instagram.

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