Holiday Drinks 2016

What is a holiday without some festive beverages!! (check out my Thanksgiving drinks post here)

Christmas eve is almost upon us and I’ve put together my drink menu. I found all my drinks on Pinterest (follow me: MySavvySavings) and am super excited to whip them up!

Butterscotch Martini, Eggnog pudding shots, Eggnog Martini, and Snowflake Martini

029 Xmas drinks

The original pictures above are not mine. I’ve added some art to the pictures I copied from the websites linked above to display on Xmas eve.

I noticed when putting together my shopping list that 3 of the 4 drinks called for vanilla vodka. Well I was in luck because both BevRage and Ibotta had cash back rebates on Smirnoff (any flavor). So I purchased the 1.75 L bottle for $19 and received $3 cash back already from each app.


Make sure to check out these apps for additional savings this holiday season. (Referral code for BevRage: ZCREWEHZ and for ibotta: xbwuvfs)

029-9 drinks

Enjoy your drinks this holiday season!

Savings: 32% cash back


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