Gift Card Savings

discount gift cardsTis the season for wrapping presents! But if you’re like me and you never know what gifts to get people then you just opt for a gift card! I love receiving gift cards for Christmas because then you can purchase anything you want without worrying about someone getting you the wrong size, fit, color etc.

My only two guidelines for giving gift cards:

  1. If you’re going to get someone a gift card make sure it’s for a store they will use it at.
  2. Buy the gift card at a discount price if possible

There is a bunch of ways to get discounted gift cards. My favorite is through Raise, which offers a large variety of cards for various stores. I’ve purchased over ten gift cards from them this year and I’ve never had an issue, but if you are concerned about the legitimacy there is a 100 day money back guarantee. One drawback would be is that most of the gift cards offered are egift cards or vouchers you can print. So there is no actual physical card to hand to someone.

029-3 giftcard

If you have a cash back rewards card (I have Chase Freedom) then you can buy a gift card and earn cash back rewards. Rewards can then be used towards a credit card payment or to purchase a gift card from Chase. Chase’s 4th quarter bonus category this year includes drugstores, which means you will get 5% cash back on top of the usual 1% on any purchases this quarter. And guess what CVS sells at their store….Gift cards! So I’ve already purchased Dunkin, Starbucks and Amazon gift cards for 6% cash back. And these are physical cards so I can throw them in a stocking or place them in a greeting card.

029-2 giftcard

If you already have cash back rewards that you have accumulated throughout the year check out Chase’s Ultimate Rewards website when your logged into your account. You’ll be able to redeem your rewards for gift cards from there!

Okay another option is if you are a Verizon customer they came out with a rewards program, Verizon Smart Rewards, for current customers and you can use some of your rewards/points to buy a gift card through their website and you will get money off (discount). You can learn more about their rewards program here.

If your a current Verizon customer log into your account online and click on shop my rewards and browse. The selection is smaller but some of the cards currently offered are for CVS, Macy’s, Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, Neiman Marcus, and Under Armour. You have to buy in increments of $100 or $50, but which ever you choose you will use points to get the card at a 10% discount!

029-4 giftcard

Gift cards can easily be added to a stocking, small gift bags, or even put in a decorative  box with smaller items to be unwrapped this holiday season.

P.S. If you receive a gift card this holiday season and you know for sure you will not use you can sell also use Raise website to sell your gift card for cashback on Raise.

Savings: 6%-10% or more!


Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving pictures and savings!!

018B-1 Thanksgiving 018C Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving outfit details: Blazer is from Forever21, Dress is from Charming Charlie and Boots are newly purchased from Charlotte Russe.

Nails I painted myself with Sally Hansen miracle gel polish in the color Creme de la Creme and glued on nail jewels I had purchased on Amazon.

My cousin and I designed a bar sign with the drinks we would be serving. The sign is a black poster board and we used white marker to draw on. I then designed the drink pictures using She added velcro to the back of the drink pictures so we could remove them next time we use the sign and switch to different pictures.

The three drinks we served were Dark n Stormy, Caramel Apple Martini and Pumpkin Martini

018D Thanksgiving

After I purchased the alcohol I checked out BevRage and ibotta cash back apps and saved $6 total because there were rebates on the Vodka and Rum I used!! All I had to do is sign into the apps and upload my receipt!

018E Thanksgiving

Holidays are a big time for the purchase of alcohol. Not only are drinks usually served at Holiday parties but they are also given as gifts. Make sure to check out these apps over the holiday seasons to save on liquor, wine and beer purchases!!






Fall in Love with Fall

Here are some fashion & beauty pics inspired by fall…..

Fur coat

I just purchased this beautiful coat from Forever21…I paid full price ($60) because I know it won’t last until a sale…it’s too pretty and they only had one left in the store in my size! Can’t wait to wear it!!

Fall scarves

These are my favorite fall scarves…the first two a purchased from Charming Charlie and the 3rd I made my self. See DIY blanket scarf post here.

Fall nails

Some of my favorite fall nail polish colors! I’ve collected these colors over the years..the brands range from Marc Jacobs to Ulta.

Fall makeup

Some makeup lip colors I’ve been loving…the especially love the Milani cosmetics metallic lipsticks.

019A Makeup fall

More makeup I’ve been loving for fall

Turquoise handbag

This is a turquoise handbag I purchased on sale from Charming Charlie and I added a fall colored scarf for a dressier touch.

020 Kate spade

Kate Spade tote with my plaid scarf