Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving pictures and savings!!

018B-1 Thanksgiving 018C Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving outfit details: Blazer is from Forever21, Dress is from Charming Charlie and Boots are newly purchased from Charlotte Russe.

Nails I painted myself with Sally Hansen miracle gel polish in the color Creme de la Creme and glued on nail jewels I had purchased on Amazon.

My cousin and I designed a bar sign with the drinks we would be serving. The sign is a black poster board and we used white marker to draw on. I then designed the drink pictures using She added velcro to the back of the drink pictures so we could remove them next time we use the sign and switch to different pictures.

The three drinks we served were Dark n Stormy, Caramel Apple Martini and Pumpkin Martini

018D Thanksgiving

After I purchased the alcohol I checked out BevRage and ibotta cash back apps and saved $6 total because there were rebates on the Vodka and Rum I used!! All I had to do is sign into the apps and upload my receipt!

018E Thanksgiving

Holidays are a big time for the purchase of alcohol. Not only are drinks usually served at Holiday parties but they are also given as gifts. Make sure to check out these apps over the holiday seasons to save on liquor, wine and beer purchases!!






DIY Blanket Scarf

blanket scarf DIYScarves are by far one of my favorite accessories especially in fall, but they can be pricey…some going for over $30 apiece.

I’ve been seeing really pretty pictures on Pinterest of blankets scarves but there was a certain plaid pattern I was searching. As luck with have it, on a trip to Jo-anne fabric one afternoon I saw the pattern I wanted! They had quite a selection of plaid fabrics. I love the green with red and blue.


jo-ann fabric

I waited a few weeks for the plaid fabrics to be marked down 40% and then I used a 20% off your purchase coupon.

Regular price the fabric was $9.99 per yard. I purchased roughly 1 1/3 yards. So it would have cost about $13. With the 40% off I got the fabric for $5.99/yard and an additional 20% or $1.50 of so my final price was roughly $6.20 before taxes.

blanket scarf

The 1 1/3 yards makes the fabric square in shape, so I basically just fold it up how I like and there is my blanket scarf. No sewing required.

blanket scarf 2

A $6 blanket scarf!

If you personally would like to add fringe edges there is a how to tutorial here from jo-ann’s website.



HALLOWEEN DIY ~ snapchat filter

Halloween DIY costume snapchat filterI have been seeing quite a few snapchat filter makeup tutorials online recently and it gave me the idea that it would make a great Halloween costume! I decided to try to craft the flower and butterfly filters. So off I went to Michaels craft store for some supplies.

All I needed was some flowers (tried to pick out ones similar to what you would see on the filter), butterflies, twigs and spray paint.

michaels craft supplies

First I spray painted the butterflies to give them the most time to dry.

spray painted butterflies

Then i bent the twigs into the shape of my head. Took two twigs for each head piece.

head piece

Then i added flowers to two of the head bands.

Finally I twisted on the butterflies to the 3rd headpiece

These were the final products and I’m really excited about how they turned out!!

IMG_1180 IMG_1179

In total I spent $34 but I have a ton of spray paint left over and I made three head bands not just one!


Repurpose Stationary Organizer

Stationary sungalss holder

I was walking through TJ Maxx one day and spotted a stationary organizer that I absolutely loved but I knew right away I didn’t need it because I already had enough pen paper holders. I bought it anyways thinking I would just change out one I already had.

IMG_0927 IMG_0928

However once I got home I had this idea to use it as a sunglass holder instead!! I can fit about 8-9 sunglases in there and I position it on the coffee table right next to my door so that I see it on the way out and remember to grab a pair before I leave!!!



DIY Book Holders

Two things I really enjoy are reading and coffee.

I have a bookshelf in my living room that I’ve always wanted to make look more decorative but never wanted to spend money on expensive book holders sold at retail stores.

DIY bookholders

Keurig machines are extremely popular and therefore people are constantly buying K-cups to use with their single serving brewers. Empty k-cup boxes are mostly thrown away or hopefully recycled. One day I came up with the idea to use the empty k-cup boxes from the coffee I love to drink to decorate my bookshelf with the books I love to read. I shopped around for a bit to find a decorative paper to use that would cover up the coffee words and would also match my home décor. I found what I was looking for at Michael’s but I’m sure other crafts stores with carry similar items.

I love that I was able to find such a good use for a commonly discarded item. So here’s my DIY for book holders for your bookshelves using empty K-cup boxes!

coffee box

DIY book holder







Please enjoy the short video!