Best damn beauty lip mask

BDB lip mask


I need lip masks in my life because of how dry and chapped my lips are year round. Lip balms and chap sticks don’t cut it. I frequently watch beauty guru’s on Youtube and having been a fan of Nicole Guerriero for years I decided to try out the lip mask from her line Best Damn Beauty. There are other products in her line but when I’m first trying out a new company I like to try one product before I spend a lot of money on several products.



Savings: If you sign up your email when visiting their website, you will get a welcome email with a free shipping code. Also if you watch Nicole’s video’s on Youtube she typically has a promo code listed in the description box (right now it’s 20% off your purchase). Since the product I wanted to purchase was listed for $26 20% off would have been $5.20 and shipping was $5.95. You can’t use more than one promo code on their site, so the difference between the two savings was $.75 cents. If however you are planning on purchasing more than one item, (over $26) then your savings will be more and it would make sense to go with the 20% off, rather than the free shipping.



I have been using the lip mask for the past few weeks and love the results. Definitely a great mask and I will be giving other products in her line a try in the future.


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