Bath and Body Works Savings


I love Bath and Body Works (BBW) 3 wick candles. They come out with so many amazing scents and the candles are very potent when lit. But the candles are regular price $22.50, which I don’t ever want to pay that much so I wait for them to go one sale. Recently BBW was holding a sale on the candles where they were marked down to $12.50 (44% savings). In addition to this sale, I had received a BBW coupon via email for 25% off your entire purchase. This brought the price of one candle down to $9.38 (58% savings). Then on top of this I purchased a discounted giftcard here in order to receive additional 22% savings.


I checked my usual cash back website and there was no additional savings for BBW so I ruled out making this purchase online. I visited a nearby store and paid only $7.32 for each 3 wick candle. That is a stock up price for me so I went ahead and bought 5 candles, all of which smell just divine!!

SAVINGS: 67.5%



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