Audio book savings

I like to save time and money by renting audio books from my local library. I have about a half hour commute to and from work every day, making my typically time spent in a car 1 hour every weekday.

Audio books are more expensive than the paper versions of books, but getting them at the library is a money saving alternative.

I’m lucky because my library shares resources with several surrounding libraries. So this means if my local library doesn’t have an audio book I want then I can request it from another library nearby and they will transport it for me to pick up free of charge.

My latest completed audio book was Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

steve jobs audio book

For those of you who don’t know he was the creator and founder of Apple. While this was a long audio book (20 hours!) there was a lot of details and years to cover. Having been too young to know about Jobs back in the 80’s when Mac first hit the market, it was interesting to hear the recount of the trials and tribulations of Apple pre iPhone era. The book can become technical from time to time while discussing the engineering of products.

Listening to the book I was torn about how to feel about Jobs as a person. He was so smart and so passionate, but yet he was so unnecessarily mean to people, even those who trusted him and cared about him. The author of the book was very honest in his portrayal of Jobs, and he included people’s honest thoughts about Steve throughout the book. A majority of the book focuses on his professional career, but it does touch on his personal life which he didn’t seem to have as good a handle on as his company. Overall I think the book was a good read and I’m glad I know more about this creative person who’s legacy will live on through Apple for decades to come.


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