Amazon savings

Amazon savings

There have been a few items on my wish list that past few weeks that I just cannot find in stores so I decided to make a purchase on amazon. I wasn’t able to use coupons and the cashback website didn’t work either but the items were at a relatively good price so I don’t really mind.

I purchased a bee sting mask by Nip + Fab for $9.95 and Airspun translucent powder $10.50. Both items have been mention by a beauty Youtuber that I watch and I cannot find either in my local drugstores or on Ulta’s website even though they carry other Nip + Fab products.










The other item that I purchased was a body butter from Lavanila. I had received a free sample from Sephora back in December used it up in a short time.IMG_0950

The smell is amazing and it feels great on my hands as well. The trial size was .85 oz and I received it free with purchase. However the full size is 6.7oz and $19 at Sephora.

That’s a lot of money compared to getting hand lotion at like Bath and Body or Victoria Secret. I’ve been watching the price on Amazon and I purchased two at $14.74 each. So I did save 22% by buying from Amazon instead of Sephora.



Random purchases and savings

 Coffee savings

I drink coffee everday so I’m always on the hunt for a good deal on coffee, more specifically kcups. I went to Target twice now when they have had coffee for Buy two get one free. First I went when Starbucks was one sale but more recently I purchased three boxes of pumpkin spice coffee.


Total kcups 54, total amount paid $20, price per cup = 37 cents per kcup Here are some other coffee savings post that I have done: Keurig, Dunkin, Book Holders


I’ve been loving trying out new skincare this year. At my recent visit to ULTA I purchased two items from the body shop as they were on sale for BOGO 50% off (which equals 25% off each product) and I used a 16% discounted giftcard as well. Savings totaled 35% off!








Michaels and AC Moore: I’ve been loving scrapbooking for years and just recently got into planners as well. I went to Michaels when planner stickers were BOGO 50% off and saved $7.


AC Moore had scrapbooking books on sale for 50% off so I saved $20 there when I purchased two!



Repurpose Stationary Organizer

Stationary sungalss holder

I was walking through TJ Maxx one day and spotted a stationary organizer that I absolutely loved but I knew right away I didn’t need it because I already had enough pen paper holders. I bought it anyways thinking I would just change out one I already had.

IMG_0927 IMG_0928

However once I got home I had this idea to use it as a sunglass holder instead!! I can fit about 8-9 sunglases in there and I position it on the coffee table right next to my door so that I see it on the way out and remember to grab a pair before I leave!!!