Bath and Body Works Savings


I love Bath and Body Works (BBW) 3 wick candles. They come out with so many amazing scents and the candles are very potent when lit. But the candles are regular price $22.50, which I don’t ever want to pay that much so I wait for them to go one sale. Recently BBW was holding a sale on the candles where they were marked down to $12.50 (44% savings). In addition to this sale, I had received a BBW coupon via email for 25% off your entire purchase. This brought the price of one candle down to $9.38 (58% savings). Then on top of this I purchased a discounted giftcard here in order to receive additional 22% savings.


I checked my usual cash back website and there was no additional savings for BBW so I ruled out making this purchase online. I visited a nearby store and paid only $7.32 for each 3 wick candle. That is a stock up price for me so I went ahead and bought 5 candles, all of which smell just divine!!

SAVINGS: 67.5%



Mario Badescu Skincare Savings

Mario B

I started to really get into skincare last fall and one of the first skincare brands I spent more money on was the Mario Badescu line that is sold at Ulta. I purchased this line because it was slightly more expensive than drugstore creams but not as expensive as some higher end skincare. To test out how I liked the line I purchased these three items:

Seaweed Night cream: the green seaweed night cream is thick, definitely a nighttime only moisturizer but it makes my skin feel very smooth afterward applying.  Because it’s so thick I went used more product for each application and went through this container a lot quicker than the daily moisturizer. I thought this was a good night cream and I would repurchase this cream in the future.

Oil free moisturizer SPF 30: I use this as a morning moisturizer. It was a decent moisturizer but nothing life changing. I definitely get more excited about the serums. I have oiler skin so I’m not looking for my daily moisturizer to do a ton of work because by the end of the day my skin is oily in my T zone. This moisturizer is pretty basic and is just something to put on my skin after I use my clarisonic each morning.

Vitamin C Serum: This was the very first serum I’ve every purchased and it made me realize I never want to not use one again. I used this for 8 weeks and definitely noticed clearer skin, smaller pores, and all around more fabulous looking skin. I want to keep trying new serums because I was so impressed with the work this one did on my skin. I will be keeping this one in my rotation to come back to once I’ve sampled other serums.

IMG_0537In March, for one day at Ulta, the entire Mario B line was 25% off as part of a 21 day beauty sale promotion. Since I like my initial purchase so much I decided to give a few more products a try and I went ahead and purchased the Facial Spray with aloe, herb and rosewater and the hyaluronic eye cream. I already started using the rosewater spray since it’s supposed to help dry skin. It feels refreshing and it doesn’t make any of my makeup smudge. I have not tried the eye cream yet but it was rated well on Ulta’s website and had hundreds of reviews.

Savings: For my second purchase in March the entire Mario B line was 25% off at Ulta, plus I purchased a discounted gift card for 16% off. Total savings 37% !!  I went to the store to purchase these items so I did not have any online cash back savings for this particular purchase.


Keihl’s Freebies


I’ve been spending more money on good quality skincare lately because I’ve noticed what a difference it makes in my skin. I’ve been using different product lines and trying things out each product line for 8 weeks then rotating to another line. Keihl’s is one company I have not tried their skincare products yet. Their products are more on the expensive side so I thought it would be a good idea to try some samples out before buying full size products.


Here’s how I saved. I kept my purchase through their website closest to the minimum amount of $65, which gets you free shipping plus a handful of free samples. The items I purchased were a trio of face masks for $46 and an eye cream for $22.50. This brought my total over to a little over the $65 for free shipping. Keihl’s typically will offer 3 free samples with your purchase over a certain dollar amount. Well on top of that I used a promo code to receive 5 free deluxe in addition to the regular 3 samples. So in total I received 8 samples with my purchase of three face masks and an eye cream!


This wasn’t an outright savings but I get to sample eight different products before I make a decision on which one or ones are worth spending money on.