Best damn beauty lip mask

BDB lip mask


I need lip masks in my life because of how dry and chapped my lips are year round. Lip balms and chap sticks don’t cut it. I frequently watch beauty guru’s on Youtube and having been a fan of Nicole Guerriero for years I decided to try out the lip mask from her line Best Damn Beauty. There are other products in her line but when I’m first trying out a new company I like to try one product before I spend a lot of money on several products.



Savings: If you sign up your email when visiting their website, you will get a welcome email with a free shipping code. Also if you watch Nicole’s video’s on Youtube she typically has a promo code listed in the description box (right now it’s 20% off your purchase). Since the product I wanted to purchase was listed for $26 20% off would have been $5.20 and shipping was $5.95. You can’t use more than one promo code on their site, so the difference between the two savings was $.75 cents. If however you are planning on purchasing more than one item, (over $26) then your savings will be more and it would make sense to go with the 20% off, rather than the free shipping.



I have been using the lip mask for the past few weeks and love the results. Definitely a great mask and I will be giving other products in her line a try in the future.


philosophy skincare

Philosophy skincare


I’ve always washed and moisturized my face twice a day, morning and evening but have stuck to drugstore cleansers and moisturizers in the past. However after I subscribed to Birchbox last summer I realized that those higher priced samples I received made my skin look and feel better than the drugstore products I was using. So I made a random purchase at Ulta one day while waiting in the checkout line. They had trial size Philosophy Purity cleaner and the microdelivery exfoliating wash.  I ended up really liking both of them.


philosophy skincare


The purity cleanser worked well at night to give my face a gentle cleanse after I used a makeup wipe to remove my makeup. It does remove makeup if you don’t use a makeup wipe first but I want to make sure I get all my makeup off because my pores clog easily.



The exfoliating cleanser has the tiniest of tiny micro beads in it and I love using it every morning with my Clarisonic. It smooths out my skin without irritating it (I have sensitive acne prone skin). This product reminds me of the Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant sample that I received in my birchbox, but much cheaper in price!!



I bought these trial sizes around Thanksgiving time last year. In January of this year, Ulta sent out an email with a promo code for 20% off your entire purchase and specifically said it includes their prestige brands.  I picked up the larger bottles of both products. These are going to be my new daytime and nighttime cleaners.

Then just a few weeks ago during Ulta’s March 21 days of beauty sale, the Philosophy micro exfoliating cleanser was 50% off! Regularly $28 for 8 oz on sale for $14!! This was the same size bottle I had purchased! It was a better deal than when I purchased in January but that’s okay, I still saved!

Savings: I placed this order online and used Ulta’s promo code for 20% off. Also I received 2% cashback through this site. I purchased my order with a gift card I had received over the holidays otherwise I would have looked to buy a discount card online here to save even more.

But look out for other sales throughout the year, up to 50% recently !!



CVS savings

CVS SavingsI used to think that shopping at CVS didn’t make any sense because everything regularly priced was expensive compared to other stores (i.e. Target and Walmart). However recently I’ve figured out the best way to save is to use store coupons ($5 off $20 purchase) combined with sales and manufacturer coupons.

Now I plan my trips to CVS when I have all three of these things to combine together and I end up saving a lot of money.

 CVS PicMonkey Collage2

Please watch the short video below to see how I saved two weeks in a row at CVS,

up to 92% savings!!


And here is an older video  with just as good savings: